Episode 1: Highway

Roar down old highways with tales of revenge seekers and lost souls.


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The Monologues
Last Ride

Anthony’s mind is set on getting payback on those who tied his life to drugs. However, the road isn’t easy and includes a sacrifice.

Written by Taeghan Buggy
Performed by Max Kowalick

A father hushes his baby to sleep with a quiet drive and as the distance goes by his thoughts move into dark memories. After a pit stop, the father is certain of the way through it.
Written by Simon-Peter Telford
Performed by John Khammash

A busted car and kilometres of country road ahead, one woman is forced to take the only option of getting home, hitchhiking. She gets a ride easily but getting out is a different story.
Written by Jamie Hornsby
Performed by Hannah Helbig

Highway Production Team
Director: Connor Reidy
Sound Engineer: Leah McKeown
Project Manager: Anita Sanders
Graphic Design: Aden Beaver

Sound Effects
Source:    Sound Bible

Baby Rattle    Baby_Rattle-Mike_Koenig-1544926286
radio static    Radio Static-SoundBible.com-629277574

Source:    Freesound 
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Baby cries 2    398552__gumballworld__baby-crying-slowly-pe144001.wav
Baby noises    198407__klankbeeld__baby-talk-19
car door open    335102__rnl__opening-car-door
gravel running    164863__sunboy__gravel-running
gravel walk    414921__straget__a-walk-with-stop
wheel hit    162370__lewisisminted__punch-1
Crash         237375__squareal__car-crash
car horn    402958__inspectorj__car-alarm-horn-walking-past-a
steam hiss    119741__jesabat__steam-hiss
car start/idle    126036__mhtaylor67__car-starting-and-idling
outside ambience    378008__krucifix1974__outside-ambience-2
zips        138080__daboy291__pants-zipper-zipped-and-unzipped
pee        119927__ftpalad__peeing-on-carpet
water cap    108350__pbickh1__bottlecaptwist.pkf
splash        174637__altfuture__spilling-water-on-the-floor
zip         328132__maynardkenmuir__zipper-slow
hammer    406048__inspectorj__hammering-nails-close-a
squish        271666__honorhunter__tomato-squish-wet.wav
drop        438988__vintage2005__large-duffel-bag-drop
howl:        158976__cgeffex__dog-howl-01
car ambience:    324474__150237-matthys__car-inside-ambience
car acceleration: 152661__alexftw123__car-acceleration-inside-car
car stop:    401553__giocosound__sfx-car-engine-inside-stop
car passing:    416439__inspectorj__car-passing-multi-a
car passing 2:    20049__freqman__cars-pass-by
cassette:    61075__pogotron__tape-recorder
slaps:        Face_Hit_Series – youtube audio library

“Porch Blues” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Love Makes You by Uncle Neptune – http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Uncle_Neptune/Love_Makes_You/Love_Makes_You