Episode 2: Forest

Forests are dark places; they live in the mind and also haunt the land. Come down the overgrown path and discover tales of campers, prisoners and one looking for forgiveness.


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The Monologues
With a disagreement at hand, only one solution holds the answer to forgiveness: a day out. However, on the way to a favourite destination, a roadblock tests the limits of the driver.
Written by Ela Colangelo
Performed by Isobel Logan

Camping with Meat Hooks
When a boring night out presents the opportunity for escape, one man seizes the moment. It commences a journey to meet a camping friend, except on dark roads serendipity isn’t always so kind.
Written by Matthew Cropley
Performed by Seamus Byrne

Something To Do With Sevens
As the Greek myth of Medea is chewed over by a prisoner and a curious visitor, Giulia starts realise Medea shares her story. Twisting the two together, Giuila explains to the visitor how life made her snap.
Written by Alys Messenger
Performed by Cat Galligani

Forest Production Team
Director: Connor Reidy
Sound Engineer: Leah McKeown
Project Manager: Anita Sanders
Graphic Design: Aden Beaver

Sound Effects
Free sound   
buzzer            54047__guitarguy1985__buzzer
record beep        366355__griphen__elebator-button-2.wav
footsteps        414921__straget__a-walk-with-stop
bathroom tone        272395__danhelbling__bathroom-room-tone
fire            260713__daenerys__fire-crackling
bone crack        385963__minituffy__wet-pineapple-break
seatbelt        427033__dannaye__seatbelt-in
bottle pump        410769__sammycrerar98__bottle-sealer-being-put-on-and-
dog panting        181767__keweldog__dog-panting
dog whimper        416943__obxjohn__young-dog-whimpering-wav
dog whine        118970__esperri__dog-whine-5
Outside ambience     378008__krucifix1974__outside-ambience-2
Car door         335102__rnl__opening-car-door
Car starts         126036__mhtaylor67__car-starting-and-idling

Chains            Large Chains-SoundBible.com-363264314
Eerie            http://soundbible.com/1741-Strange-Days.html
Keys             Jingle Sound Of Keys-SoundBible.com-1508039360

Flies:            Flies_Buzzing_and_Circling
Prison door        Metal_Scrap_Rattling
Prison chair        Metal_Scrap_Kicking
Car hit            Car_Impact_and_scrape
Prison door 2        Opening_Closing_Heavy_Door
Eerie sound 2        Forboding_Resonance Coffee_shop
prison background     Coffee_shop

BBC sound library
Pub: 07027136 – pub: Club/Pub: Mixed chatter in a public house.

Nighttime Country Ambience with Crickets