Episode 3: Station

In stations things change but there’s always a choice to make: tell the truth, stay still or move on. See three people explain their choices as they unravel who they are.


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The Monologues
Police Station Confession
Peter has finally been caught and one grandmother is very keen to add her evidence to the file. However, the police know she isn’t so sweet either.
Written by Chloe Cannell
Performed by Bethany McGrath

The Fox
After failing to say ‘yes’ to moving in with his partner, a young man must try to win his love back by revealing his unhappy childhood. But will the story finalise the break between their hearts?
Written by Anita Sanders
Performed by Shannon Eisenblatter

Home is Where You Visit at Christmas & Easter
A late train sparks a young man’s mind to churn over what returning to his family home will be like. He knows he’s a misfit, someone who’s never quite reached expectation but maybe, there’ll be a way to look beyond it.
Written by Mark Tripodi
Performed by David Hampton

Station Production Team
Director: Connor Reidy
Sound Engineer: Leah McKeown
Project Manager: Anita Sanders
Graphic Design: Aden Beaver

Sound Effects
Free sounds:
Train carriage         174392__alkerr__uk-intercity-train-carriage-interior
Texting            344606__vcspran__typing-sending-text-message                Shuffle sit down    77252__muses212__couch-quick-rise-up-1-bip
Running        328458__alexmurphy53__running-on-a-concrete-floor

BBC library:
Police station        7068041
Train leaving        Trains_Circular Quay Station arrive/depart
Train station-        Circular Quay foyer atmos/tickets/entry atmos

Police radio 1        Communications Over Police Radio with Female Voice
police station      government_employment_office_ambience_with_voices_and_telephone
Police radio 2        short_police_radio_transmission
Trains passing        subway_platform_ambience_with_train_arrival_and_departure

Youtube audio library:  
Train steps        Walk_Solid_wood
Announcement    Subway_NYC_Announcement
Heavy breathing    Breathing_Running
Bang            Door_Hitting_Backstop_Close
Extra bang        Face_Hit_Series