Season 1 Team

Our team includes some of the best emerging talent in Adelaide, Australia.

Director: Connor Reidy
Connor Reidy is a South Australian writer, actor and director. He is currently in his final year at the University of South Australia studying a Bachelor of Arts (Performing Arts/English & Creative Writing). Since 2014, Connor has been a member of the South Australian Youth Arts’ Senior Ensemble: credits include Beautiful Words (Adelaide Fringe 2015). In 2016, he underwent a playwriting mentorship with Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP), where he workshopped his play Wrapping Paper Dolls. He directed On the Record: Songs for the Departed as part of the 2017 Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Festival. He is currently working with SA Youth Arts on major projects that will lead to performances in 2017 and 2018.

Project Manager & Writer: Anita Sanders Anita Sanders is a writer and arts administrator based in South Australia. In 2016, she completed her Bachelor of Creative Arts (Creative Writing) at Flinders University. Her writing has appeared in Theatre Review & Events and Empire Times. She has also written for the South Australian Youth Arts Company, Australian Theatre for Young People, the Adelaide Festival Centre and the Melbourne Writers’ Theatre. You can check out some of writing at Within arts and cultural management, she has worked with the State Theatre Company of South Australia and the Adelaide Festival Centre.

Writer: Taeghan Buggy
Taeghan Buggy is a writer based in South Australia, who writes for various forms, including short fiction and poetry. She has performed her works at Spoken Word events and Speakeasy Flinders, she has also been an actor for Brisbane Arts Theatre. Currently, she is studying a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Creative Writing and Drama at Flinders University, where she has been published in the student magazine, Empire Times.

Writer: Alys Messenger
Alys Messenger is a writer, director, and actor based in South Australia. Currently studying a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Drama) at Flinders University, her work has previously appeared in the Unley Young Writer’s Group zine. In 2015, she also co-wrote on both of Adelaide High School’s Running With Scissors productions of that year: Finding Comfort Where You Can (in this, the Ruin of Civilization) and If The Walls Could Speak. Uncover more of her writings at

Actor: Kieran Drost
Kieran Drost has been actor since he was four, and is now in his final year of the Bachelor of Arts in Performing Arts & Creative Writing. His credits include: Mostly Kids’ road safety commercial, numerous Helen O’Grady Drama School’s productions, On The Record and the Living Dead Experience at Adelaide Gaol.

Actor: Cat Galligani
Along with singing lead vocals in a band, Cat has worked recently mostly in film. She held a featured role, Gigi, in a mockumentary called “AEIOU” (2016) and has a lead role in upcoming web series “Doorknockers” (2017). In the last year, Cat has featured in three theatre productions at Platform 56, including: “All aboard the Love Cruise”, “A Westlock Christmas Murder Mystery” and an improv show called “ImpromptYOU!”

Actor: David Hampton
David Hampton is a South Australian actor and writer. He’s a graduate of Flinders University’s Bachelor of Arts in Drama and English. As an acting student, he featured in the plays “When The Rain Stops Falling” (2011), “Kasimir & Karoline” (2012), “The Golden Dragon” (2013), and the student short film “Work” (2012). He performed with Shane Davidson Presents on “Shout! The Legend of the Wild One” (2010), “Seussical” (2011), and the Melbourne / Perth tour of “The Wonderful World of Roald Dahl” (2015). He appeared in All Sourced Up Creative Dept.’s short film “AEIOU” (2016), and web series pilot “Door Knockers” (2017), which he also wrote. He wrote All Sourced Up Creative Dept.’s first original play, “Beside Herself” (2017), and is currently researching his second play.

Actor: Hannah Helbig
Hannah Helbig has grown up in dance and has always loved performing, recently she has transitioned and focused her passion into acting and music through the performing arts courses at her university, which she has taken as part of a media degree. There she has been lucky enough to be part of a number of short films and stage productions as an actor and a member of the production teams, she loves both the performance and behind the scenes aspects. She is also incredibly excited to be part of the New Wave ensemble!

Actor: Max Kowalick
Max is an actor as part of the Senior Ensemble of the SAY Arts Theatre Company on several shows over the years, starting with former Urban Myth’s “Romeo and Juliet” in 2014. He also worked in the SAY Arts Gorilla Theatre group on “Predator”, and been a cast member of the companies Fringe shows “Beautiful Words” (2016) and “Aftershocks” (2017), both written by playwright Sean Riley. Currently he’s Flinders University student of Film and English, and part of several small film projects.

Actor: Nicola O’Farrell
Nicola has acted in a range of plays and musicals such as Grease, Anything Goes, Cosi, Footloose, Oliver and more. She has toured for the abstract play “In the Dark” where she also performed in the Fringe as well. She has performed in several festivals with Monomyth and In the Dark, Cabaret and On the Record. She’s acted in many student short films and has a passion for theatre and films.